Aanmitaagzi is an Indigenous multi-disciplinary artist-run company based in Nipissing First Nation. Linked to provincial, national and international networks, Aanmitaagzi is committed to fostering a vibrant arts community through community-engaged projects that promote well-being, strengthen relationships with the land, and incorporate intergenerational approaches and methodologies. Aanmitaagzi combines art-making, education, professional development & social activism through contemporary and customary arts, nurturing historic Indigenous arts practices and exploring how these practices can be carried forward in a meaningful contemporary context.

Our Vision & Values:

  • We encourage collaborative exchange between like-minded artists globally transcending everyday communication.
  • We are rooted in collaboration, tradition and exploration, celebrating best practice models and cross cultural collaborations.
  • We recover, continue, share, and celebrate, our culture engaging all ages in intergenerational collaboration.
  • Our actions happen both indoors and outdoors in a responsive manner imagining and creating the community in which we all want to live.
  • We respect and nurtures artistic skills, abilities and expertise while welcoming all abilities, experience, confidence levels and interests.
  • We explore history with a sovereignty focus with creative freedom free of administrative and/or corporate constraints.
  • We acknowledge our right to self-representation and determination as our art lives within engagement, making political statements of indigenous pride and strength.
  • We create art in a non-replicating, self-directed way that is unique geographically and culturally impacting communities in a powerful and meaningful way forging a healthier relationships both within our communities and with our Canadian neighbors.