Carol Guppy- Lead Artist – Video Arts/Cultural Teachings

Carol Guppy had numerous years of experience as a photographer. For over forty years it was a common practice to always have her camera at her side. Her favourite subject was people and occasionally animals and scenes. Video art was a natural succession of this interest. She worked on various projects using video to assist in teaching, documenting historical events, recording conditions, or showing locations.

Carol offered insight and a unique perspective in her work that she attributed to her aboriginal roots. She spent her early years in Temagami and North Bay, and lived in Kenora for 34 years, where she was married and raised two sons. She returned to North Bay several years ago to live on Nipissing First Nation.

A previous career in design drafting and construction projects refined her managerial skills and proved to be a great asset to her later endeavours. She held numerous certificates in Supervisory Studies and Small Business Management. She also attended and participated in numerous workshops and conventions regarding Aboriginal Healing and Wellness as well as Language (Ojibwe) Studies. In addition to being a founding member and artist of Aanmitaagzi, Carol worked with the OPP as an Elder and Cultural Teacher.

Carol Guppy passed away in May 2021.