Freedom Exchange

freedom-exh]changeAs the continuing process of Clayton Windatt’s performance-based arts evolution, “Freedom Exchange” takes shape as a community engaged workshop. Conformity and oppression are the subtle undertones of modern day society. As people we seek to find ways of categorizing each other and defining our existence. Definitions act as mechanical-like constraints that cast us either into different categories from each other or the same category without choice. The generic illusion of equality without classes or division is an entrapment driven by empathy and modern day confusion. No matter how democratic or complicated any categorization attempts to become, can we include all voices or all ways of life?

As part of Aanmitaagzi’s “Dances of Resistance” project local multi-artist Clayton Windatt will engage with the audience of the Fair of Alternative Art Sudbury in spontaneous performance art workshops that address the theme of conformity. By collaboratively finding ways of breaking conformity symbolically, we all share wanted similarities unifying people through choice and celebrating each other’s freedoms.

Biography: Born in St. Catherines, Clayton Windatt has lived in the Northern Ontario region for almost his entire life. He is a Métis artist, curator and administrator currently working as Director at the White Water Gallery in North Bay, Ontario. Clayton holds a BA in Fine Art from Nipissing University and received his Graphic Design certification from Canadore College. He works enthusiastically with several arts organizations locally, provincially and nationally on committees and boards of directors.  Clayton also maintains contracted positions with Canadore College’s REP21 theatre program and works as a columnist for the North Bay Nipissing News producing a weekly arts column for the Nipissing District. He aids in local arts activities and administration through Aanmitaagzi and their different community arts events and founded the Active Arts Festival. He contributes actively as a writer, designer, curator, performer and theatre technician and is an active visual and media artist.