Serpent People

Grounded in historic Anishinaabe stories of the Black Sturgeon from Nipissing First Nation as told by one of Aanmitaagzi’s founding artists, Perry Mcleod-Shabogeesic, Serpent People gathers, reflects, and expresses stories and imaginings about the human condition. What are we consuming that gives us power? What are we consuming that is toxic? What has taken us away from ourselves and the essence of who we are? What would it take to transform us, and what transformations have we already undergone in our lives? Serpent People investigates these questions and explores our ability for self-reclamation and to transform for the positive.

Springing forth from the Nipissing Anishinaabe cultural mandate of a critical self, familial and nation reflection, Serpent People provides a platform to investigate what is on our hearts and minds as we prepare to continue forward. This three-year project provides an engaging, meaningful, and timely forum to investigate our past to chart our individual and collective way forward.

The following is documentation of Serpent People at Nuit Blanche Toronto in 2017:

Find out more about our performance at Nuit Blanche here!

These are excerpts from a performance of Serpent People at The Citadel Theatre in Toronto in 2017:

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