Ice Follies 2020

Ice Follies 2020: Mkomiiwi
February 15 – 22, 2020

Aanmitaagzi has presented as part of the Ice Follies festival as a presenter and co-producer for the past 5 festivals. This year’s thematic is “mkomiiwi” which means “be ice, turn to ice, be covered in ice, be icy”. 

mkomiiwi: Exploring that transformation from water to ice and from one realm to another. As we shift and adapt new worlds are opened and old pathways disappear. Our mode of travel changes. Ice heaves form from prevailing winds. Ice is pushed up against itself, the shore. 

For Ice Follies 2020, we presented works developed through our Where Does Art Begin? project. This included several installations on the lake and a performance, which took place on February 22, 2020. Find out more about our presentations at Ice Follies 2020 here.