Ruth Howard working with Aanmitaagzi

teacup02smDances of Resistance
joins forces with the Ruth Howard and the White Water Gallery for
Goodlands, Badlands, Lostlands and Dreamlands
Dec. 17-21st, 2012
with a Winter Solstice Event
Dec 21st at 7 pm

Join us for an exciting week of art making and a year-end celebration at Big Medicine Studio, 161 Couchie Memorial Drive.

Between Dec. 17th and 21st Ruth Howard, Artistic Director of Jumblies Theatre, and Aanmitaagzi artists will be making art that explores common themes and intersections in their work. Workshops will take place at the White Water Gallery and Big Medicine Studio. People of all ages are invited to drop by and join in the creative fun.

Workshops taking place at Big Medicine Studio
Wednesday, Dec. 19th
Thursday, Dec. 20th

Workshops taking place at White Water Gallery
Dec 20th & 21st, Thursday & Friday from
Noon – 6pm

Ruth is joined by artistic team Sasha Mattock and Robin Sutherland (thanks to Theatre Ontario) of Jumblies Theatre, and Sherry Guppy and Nimikii Couchie of Aanmitaagzi in an open studio for everyone to visit, have a cup of tea, share as story and make something to add to an evolving gallery.

During the week of December 17th – 21st Ruth Howard, Artistic Director of Jumblies Theatre, will be leading a series of community arts events as part of a partnership between the North Bay Public LibraryAanmitaagzi and the White Water Gallery. Ruth received funding for this activity through the Ontario Arts Council’s “Artists in the Community/Workplace” grant which allows her to be in North Bay this week as well as a three week final phase next September.

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